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Call me Anna Call Me Anna

The disciplines necessary for the ministry of an aspiring prophetess are outlined

Job's Story Job’s story

Called ‘The Clouds We Dread’ – facing the problem of suffering with scriptural help

Money Talks Money Talks

Some of what God thinks about money, making money and money makers.

Hindrances to Healing Hindrances to Healing

Here are some of the questions and a few of the answers to the problems relative to healing.

The Rosary The Rosary

This is an Edwardian romance with an English background and set at a time of unusual peace and tranquility. A society bachelor is sought after by every matron for her daughter but he falls in love with the plainest of women who refuses him.

Through the Postern Gate Through the Postern Gate

Cambridge University in the early 20th century knew no greater beauty than Christobel Charteris. She is revered by every student but loved by only one. However, she is almost betrothed to an ageing professor.

Following The Star Following The Star

A moral dilemma confuses a missionary with the call of God to Africa on his life when he falls violently in love with a mystery woman in the congregation. He leaves her and follows his calling.

The Fallen Idol The Fallen Idol

A lonely orphan boy faces shattering difficulties in his growing years and there is no-one who cares enough to help. His overwhelming ambition for recognition in the medical world produces a callous hardness of heart until an elderly widow comes to his rescue.

The Mistress of Shenstone The Mistress of Shenstone

A young and glamorous star of the social calendar is also very rich. Her company is desired by London's fashionable set but she longs to be adored for herself alone. This love is unobtainable from her elderly husband whose dog is his sole companion.


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