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A Warm Welcome to the Site

The aim of this site is for you to take a journey of the heart while reading Christian literature and then to allow your loving Heavenly Father to fulfil your own vision.  The books will give a sense of God’s presence and help in a chaotic world.


Author Profile

Barbara Furguson spent her working life as a nurse and midwife in England until she married, in mid-life, a managing director. She learned at first hand how to nurture and support two motherless stepchildren! Then, finding the security of not having to earn a living, and when the children were able to stand on their own feet and leave the nest, she had the opportunity to foster her first love, that of writing. Some of the Edwardian Romances have been adapted for e-books from writings by Florence Barclay whose challenge was to write a bestseller without breaking any of the Ten Commandments. There is usually a strong, female lead in the romance books, not sexually motivated and not feminist but being involved in real love and passion together with purity. The author has an overall vision of raising the ideals of the reader and leaving them with a deeper faith and a sense of hopefulness.


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